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About Careers Discovered

The path from self-discovery to career embarkment has some interesting curves and turns.
It helps to have support and help along the way.

Discovering your career path is a challenging task that offers life-long rewards. The structured process utilized by the experts at Careers Discovered will help you effectively and efficiently reach your career goals. This proven method has the flexibility to address your unique needs and help you navigate today’s changing job market.

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Our expert coaches are ready to support you in
achieving your goals.

The Careers Discovered team draws on a varied background and rich history of professional and personal experiences. This is complemented by ICF coaching certifications. This means they are ready and able to guide you toward personal and professional success. In addition to their professional qualifications they are personally motivated and eager to offer significant guidance and support.

Our coaches provide you with the support that only a team of career professionals can provide. Every client has the benefit of receiving ongoing review and support by the entire team to identify your unique strengths and opportunities. Our synergistic team approach means that you have the wealth and experience of all the coaches to assist you in reaching your goals. Check out their bios to learn more.

Dr. Bob Thompson

Dr. Bob Thompson

Senior Coach / Principal
Rene Thompson

Rene Thompson

Senior Coach / Principal
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Careers Discovered uses validated instruments, discussion, and aptitude testing to reveal your true interests and talent.


We help you understand and distill the self knowledge gained in assessment to refine your understanding of your potential so that you can make choices that help you live out your unique calling.


Once your skills and unique talents have been revealed, we guide you through a personal product development process to create your unique brand.


Careers Discovered works with you to create a career portfolio and refine your platform to present your qualifications in a variety of arenas to realize your full potential on today’s digital stage.

Our Process

The process starts by identifying your unique strengths and interests.
It ends with a 21st Century career portfolio to equip you for whatever you choose to do.

We use validated assessments to help you discover what makes you “tick”—what you like to do, what you like in others, where you are likely to find the greatest work fulfilment. Then we introduce you to some exceptional but not well-known technology that may give you an edge in your career discovery process.

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How It Works

With our 21st century virtual cutting edge tools, we are
prepared to meet you anywhere you are. You don’t need to dress up and go out.

An hour or two once a week with us and a few hours on your own. Soon, you will be ready for your new working life.

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The Careers Discovered philosophy
will take you places you never thought possible

The world of work and how you enter it has dramatically changed. Not a bad thing—just different. Careers Discovered does not focus on unemployment rates, or creating the last resume you’ll ever need, or teaching you how to spend countless hours looking through job board listings. We bring you a complete package of career development tools to equip you to manage the 21st century demands required by the changing world of work. From social media to digital tools and video interviews Careers Discovered will equip you to compete for your unique opportunity. We realize you are a unique product and our distinctive approach is designed to highlight that uniqueness.

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What people have said about us

Careers Discovered did more in 2 hours to improve my resume presentation than I could have done alone in a week. I can't believe the difference in quality. I am now being considered for a very senior position. Thank you!
Name Held Confidential Federal Government Executive
I feel that they left nothing undone in their preparation and process, and that my primary coach clarified the options for me by setting realistic goals and expectations. She made the process fun even while identifying flaws and correcting them. Careers Discovered really is quite different from other career coaches, and I would highly recommend them to anyone discouraged by the job search.
Michele F. Administrative Professional, Kingdom of Bahrain
I can now better position myself in a way that wows potential employers while still staying true to myself. I feel more confident and can articulate my skills and strengths for formal job interviews as well as informal settings. More than anything, I appreciate that my coach catered to my specific needs and unique concerns even if it meant changing course on the fly. [My coach] is a goldmine when it comes to preparing for a career move and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her—and myself—in the process!
Jaspreet G. Administrative Professional, Walla Walla WA
In my quest to re-enter the work force after part time employment, I sought Careers Discovered help to assist me with resume rebuilding, coaching for career transition, organization and establishing of networks, and preparation for informational interviews in potential career paths. The staff was efficient, passionate, intuitive, focused, and deeply committed to the outcome. The best gift they imparted to me was to instill greater confidence that my professional and volunteer skills were marketable and needed in this climate of recession recovery. Without hesitation, I would recommend Careers Discovered to all. They are skilled with all levels of education, all walks of life, and particularly effective in moving forward productively and effectively.
Linda C. Gerontologist/Health Care Administrator Educator
My coach was excellent at building confidence by identifying my strengths -- when critical feedback was needed, it was done in a way that challenged me to emphasize my best authentic self. The program is systematic; I always knew what we were working on, and how it fit into the bigger picture.
Denise R. Librarian
With great intuition, my coach was able to hear my stories and ask meaningful questions which led to a list of accomplishments far greater than the mundane tasks I had originally listed. While working with Careers Discovered it was quite obvious that they were committed for the long haul.
Laura M. Senior Trainer, Arlington VA
I am thinking about life, where I stand in the universe and job search, and feel very grateful for your help, feedback, and words of encouragement. The job fair was a big success. I used the techniques you taught me and felt good. I am very grateful for your help. I don't think I would have gotten that far without your coaching. You are great and you should know it.
Simone B. Management Consultant, Washington D.C.
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Discover Your Direction

Plans and pricing that fit your budget.

All plans include personalized coaching, development of a contact network database, at least TWO targeted resumes, books and materials, full coaching feedback reports, Confirmed References™ verification services, and post program support.

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Individual Pricing

Career Consultation
  • Teleconference Includes:
  • Discussion Around Desires, Direction and Goals
  • Assessment of Current Status
  • Assessment of Desired Status
  • Recommendations For Programs
Services for Individuals
  • MBTI
  • Wardrobe Guidance
  • 5 Hour Personalized Consultations in Each Section
  • Verified References
  • Over Fourteen More Features

Group Services

Careers Discovered wants to provide you with the best available coaching we can. Depending on your personal needs, we are offering several options to match development needs with budget.

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